About the Wabash River

Wabash River

The Wabash River is Indiana's state river. From its origin in Ohio to its junction with the Ohio River, the Wabash River runs 475 miles. The Wabash River is the longest undammed river east of the Mississippi River flowing freely from a dam in Huntington, Indiana to its confluence with the Wabash River. In total, the Wabash River drains 32,910 square miles including portions of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Approximately 6,200 square miles of the rivers watershed drains through the Lafayette- West Lafayette riverfront.

The Wabash River drains two-thirds of the state of Indiana and its watershed is home to nearly 60% of Indiana's population. The economy of the basin is primarily agriculture with high levels of manufacturing occurring throughout the basin. Land use in the Wabash River is primarily agricultural with large tracts of forest and wetlands and urban populations spread along the length of the Wabash River and its largest tributary, the White River.