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Wabash Sampling Blitz

Since the fall of 2009, volunteers throughout the Region of the Great Bend of the Wabash River watershed complete a snapshot assessment of water quality throughout the watershed. In the spring of 2011, we expanded to include sample sites within the Wildcat Creek watershed. Volunteers monitor temperature, water cloudiness (turbidity), nutrient levels, and pathogen concentrations.

How Monitoring Works?

Each volunteer group is assigned to a staging or starting location. Staging locations are assigned as sampling slots are available on a first volunteer, first assigned basis. Arrive with your partners to be assigned a group of sampling sites – sites are assigned based on location choice and selected access difficulty ranging from easy access (walk right in sites) to where you’ll need to channel your inner mountain goat (difficult). Our staging location volunteers will provide all sample collection equipment and instructions, maps, and driving directions. They will not provide you with boots, dry clothes, bug spray, ivy off, or food. In some areas, you can expect water to be up to knee level so bring waders or knee high rain boots. We have a limited amount of waders this year, so if you do not own any waders or boots, please provide your information on the signup form!

Don your waders or knee boots and spend approximately two hours wading four stream sample sites. At each site, you will need to identify an appropriate access point. After entering the stream, wade to the center and fill your provided sample bottles. Then, measure stream temperature and water cloudiness with the provided thermometer and transparency tube. Once complete, photograph the stream and any unique or interesting features and travel to your next site. Once you’ve sampled all of your streams, return to your staging location to filter your samples for laboratory analysis, measure water quality with provided test strips, and download your photos.

Video 1: Introduction (5 minutes)

Want to Volunteer?

Join 250 volunteers to collect a snapshot of the water quality of the Wabash River, Wildcat Creek, Deer Creek, and their tributaries. Volunteer with a friend, your family, or alone and we’ll assign you a partner. Volunteer to sample your local stream, your favorite canoe spot, or try a new stream within the Wabash River, WildcatCreek or Deer Creek watersheds.

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See Results

Sample results are presented on a subwatershed basis. This means that the entire area that drains to the sample point is shown on each map. Further review of the data will allow WREC and our project partners to identify specific locations where water quality problems might be located. The Blitz began collecting Region of the Great Bend sample results in the fall of 2009. Wildcat Creek sampling results have been collected since the spring of 2011.

2009 -                                                                                             Great Bend Region Fall 2009 Sample Results

2010 - Great Bend Region Spring 2010 Sample Results          Great Bend Region Fall 2010 Sample Results

2011 - Great Bend Region Spring 2011 Sample Results          Great Bend Region Fall 2011 Sample Results
           Wildcat Creek Spring 2011 Sample Results                   Wildcat Creek Fall 2011 Sample Results

2012 - Great Bend Region Spring 2012 Sample Results          Great Bend Region Fall 2012 Sample Results
           Wildcat Creek Spring 2012 Sample Results                   Wildcat Creek Fall 2012 Sample Results

2013 - Great Bend Region Spring 2013 Sample Results          Great Bend Region Fall 2013 Sample Results
           Wildcat Creek Spring 2013 Sample Results                   Wildcat Creek Fall 2013 Sample Results

2014 - Great Bend Region Spring 2014 Sample Results          Great Bend Region Fall 2014 Sample Results
           Wildcat Creek Spring 2014 Sample Results                   Wildcat Creek Fall 2014 Sample Results

2015 - Great Bend Region Spring 2015 Sample Results          Great Bend Region Fall 2015 Sample Results
           Wildcat Creek Spring 2015 Sample Results                   Wildcat Creek Fall 2015 Sample Results

2016 - Great Bend Region Spring 2016 Sample Results          Great Bend Region Fall 2016 Sample Results
           Wildcat Creek Spring 2016 Sample Results                   No Wildcat Creek Fall 2016 Blitz

2017- No Blitz Spring 2017                                                           Great Bend region Fall 2017 Sample Results

         No Blitz Spring 2017                                                             Wildcat Creek Fall 2017 Sample Results  

2018 - Great Bend Region Spring 2018 Sample Results          Great Bend Region Fall 2018 Sample Results
           Wildcat Creek Spring 2018 Sample Results                   Wildcat Creek Fall 2018 Sample Results  

2019 - Great Bend Region Spring 2019 Sample Results          Great Bend Region Fall 2019 Sample Results                                                                                       No Wildcat Creek Spring 2019 Blitz                                     Wildcat Creek Fall 2019 Sample Results