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Water Quality Surveys

WREC’s water quality surveys focus on monitoring to show a change in water quality. Sample sites are located on the Wabash River up and downstream of Greater Lafayette and on three tributaries – Little Pine Creek (control), Little Wea Creek (agricultural) and Elliot Ditch (urban). Sample sites are paired in an effort to identify changes in water quality.

See the results for these surveys below. Some of the parameters that were tested were temperature, pH, turbidity, conductivity, nitrate-nitrogen, phosphorous, suspended solids and E.coli. Graphs display the levels of these parameters over an extended period of time and explain how these different parameters impact water quality and the environment.

WREC also conducts biological and volunteer monitoring. Learn more about the water quality surveys program at Water Quality Monitoring.

Elliot Ditch Survey
Little Wea Creek Survey
Little Pine Creek Survey
Wabash River Survey